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Birthdate:Aug 12

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24, abby sciuto, agent dinozzo, agent gibbs, art, battlestar galactica, blue eyes, books, caitlin todd, captain jack sparrow, catherine/grissom, cj cregg, classic movies, commodore norrington, david mccallum, david palmer, dawson's creek, desperate housewives, donald "ducky" mallard, dostoevsky, drabble, drama, emma thompson, er, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fanfiction, film noir, finding nemo, forbidden love, freedom from religion, freedom of expression, friends, gibbs, gibbs/kate, gone with the wind, grey's anatomy, hamlet, han/leia, hannibal/clarice, harry potter, harry potter (the books), harry/ruth, het, history, hollis mann, house, house md, jack/irina, jane eyre, jarod/miss parker, jed bartlet, jenny sheppard, jethro gibbs, kate, kate todd, kate/ari, kate/gibbs, kate/gibbs/tony, kibbs, kim bauer, leia organa, leia/han, leroy jethro gibbs, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, mark harmon, michael weatherly, michelle dessler, movies, music, music and dvds.hate sport, musicvideos, mythology, naval criminal investigative service, navy ncis, navy: ncis, ncis, ncisfanfic, nina myers, obi-wan kenobi, older men, padme, pairings, paula cassidy, pauley perrette, pillars of the earth, pirates of the caribbean, pretender, professor snape fan fiction, profiler, psychology, quotes, reading, russian literature, sam/daniel, sarcasm, sasha alexander, science fiction, severus snape, sg-1, shakespeare, sherry palmer, shippers, shrek, snape/harry, special agent gibbs, special agent kate todd, special agent sunshine, spooks, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate sg1, sting, survivor, switchfoot, tea, television, the bronte sisters, the dead zone, the matrix, the matrix trilogy, the oc, the three musketeers, the west wing, the wheel of time, the x-files, theatre, thrillers, timothy mcgee, tony almeida, tony dinozzo, tony/michelle, transcripts, translation, travelling, u2, vids, walking, west wing, will & grace, youtube, ziva david
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